About us

Founded in 2003, SUMPURA is a Chicago-based full-service analytics consultancy firm with staff in the US, Japan, China, and India. We assist our global clients improve Marketing, Sales and Operations (incl. HR, Supply Chain, R&D, and Engineering) all around the world.

We work with executive level operations leaders in industrial, automotive, high-tech, healthcare, banking and finance sectors.

All our Principals have prior partnership experience at top-tier consultancies like Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey. We are committed to our clients to help them implement strategic change in business operating models to ensure their long term success with periodic reviews and ongoing support.

Our Clients

Some of our prior and current clients include

  • Diesel Engine Manufacturer
  • Heavy Earthmoving Equipment OEM
  • Automotive Components Manufacturer
  • Medical Device Company
  • Consumer Products and Food Packaging

Our Approach

We are committed to delivering highest value to our clients on every engagement; we help our clients select the highest ROI projects to use external help with lean teams. We have a Results- oriented Implementation methodology to provide high ROI (typically 10 to 100X)

High-level Business Review

  • Benchmarking and Gap analysis
  • Recommendation and Business case

Proof of Concept

  • Quick implementation using client data with SUMPURA proprietary models
  • Generate key performance metrics (KPI) to validate business case

Implementation and Ongoing Analytical Support

  • Process and organizational change to include predictive analytics and proprietary models
  • Ongoing client support with monthly, quarterly reviews to support process optimization

Our Team

Everyone at SUMPURA, incl. our leadership, is directly involved with client projects, as can be seen in the photo album. Key members of our global team are tagged.

Want to Join?

Typically, our team members work closely with senior client executives to make impactful changes using their strong analytical, problem solving and consulting skills. They are very comfortable dealing with large amounts of operations data and are experts at using analytics tools like Excel, Tableau, R, SAS…

All have undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in Business, Economics, Statistics, Engineering and Computer Sciences, many have 2 to 5 years of work experience in industry or consulting. Most of new hires with a bachelor's degree start as Analysts, ones with MS/PhD start as Associates. It takes 2-3 years to go from analyst to associate and another 2-3 years to engagement managers.

If you are interested in SUMPURA, please take a few minutes to complete the SUMPURA Employment Aptitude (SEA) Test, and send us a resume.

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Contact Address

SUMPURA Management Consultancy
2001 W. Butterfield Rd. - Suite 235
Downers Grove
IL 60515

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